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Sevideca Defender

Sevideca Defender is our downloadable endpoint protection software. Safeguard your personal information, financial information, and your device’s access controls with military-grade security today.

what is defender?

Defender is our Endpoint Protection Solution.

Endpoint protection refers to safeguarding endpoints, such as laptops or personal computers, from unauthorized access attempts and malicious actors. Defender is purpose-built to protect your video conferencing infrastructure with military-grade security.

We empower our customers

We Grant Users More Control over their Devices

We provide you with more control mechanisms to view the permissions on your device. You can visualize which websites and applications are requesting access to your camera, microphone, screen, and more. We give you the option to approve or deny these requests.

We protect your device

What Defender Protects

Defender actively protects your device and can lockdown your Video Camera, Microphone, and Speakers from unapproved accesses. Additionally, Defender protects your clipboard (information you copy and paste, such as passwords) and your keystrokes (information you type onto your keyboard) from malicious actors. To access the technical explanation demonstrating how Defender works, open our white paper linked in the button below.

NIST SP 800-71 Compliant

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

We exceed the standards set forth by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in NIST SP 800-71, which outlines the required security standards and practices for non-federal organizations handling controlled unclassified data (CUI) on their networks. If our novel endpoint protection solution is suitable for handling government information, we can protect the information contained on your device.

Security is our number one priority

Exclusively Focused on Security

We are committed to protecting our customers. Sevideca Defender adapts to the constantly changing threat landscape. Rather than scan for known risks, Defender proactively stops breaches by securing your device and protecting against both known and unknown threats. Your personal and financial information is valuable and every effort to protect it from malicious actors is warranted.

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Product Offering

Defender is included with every license of Sevideca Meet. However, Defender can also be purchased as a standalone product on an annual basis. Regardless of whichever video conferencing platform you use, Sevideca Defender can keep you protected. Click the button below to shop for Defender!