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Sevideca Meet

Sevideca Meet is the future of video conferencing. We offer competitive features built on secure infrastructure to empower our customers and change the industry dynamics – for good.

Limit-free Use

Meeting Management

We allow customers to schedule meetings with unlimited participants and of unlimited duration with our meeting scheduler. There are no hidden fees or extra charges for exceeding a set meeting time or having too many guests. We believe if you are paying to use a video conferencing service, you should be able to create meetings free of these restrictions.

One of our two meeting types

Public Meetings

Our public meeting type is tailored to customers who desire simple meeting set-up while remaining mindful of their security. Guests with the link are able to join this meeting; however, the host can always utilize our novel “Locking-the-door” feature by clicking the easily-identified lock icon on their screen. This is akin to locking the door of a physical conference room – nobody can enter once the door is locked. The host has complete control over this and can unlock the door if desired.

One of our two meeting types

Private Meetings

Our private meeting type is HIPAA-compliant and uses our patented Out-of-Band-Authentication (OOBA) to validate each individual participant. End-users can easily import their contacts into our meeting scheduler and send out invites to meeting participants. If this meeting type is suited for discussing medical information with healthcare providers, it can handle all of your needs!

How is our solution secure?

Five Level Meeting Security

We offer users five levels of meeting security; tailored to each customer’s desired level of protection. They are as follows:

  • Meeting Password
  • Meeting Authentication
  • Meeting Authorization
  • Meeting Endpoint Security
  • Audio and Video Encryption

Our Principles

Built with Security In Mind

Meet was built from the ground up with security in mind. We believe that security in video conferencing should not be an afterthought. Additionally, we are committed to data security and user privacy. We are proud to stand by this. Just read our Privacy Policy linked below.

We help you shine

Competitive Features

Meet contains user-focused features, such as:

  • Visible Internet Connection
  • Dropping video connection to enhance audio in the event of slow internet.

Additionally, we have widely-used meeting features as well, such as:

  • Whiteboards & Breakout Rooms
  • General Chat & Private Messaging
  • Polls & Hand-raising