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We help make your virtual interactions as private and reliable as a face-to-face conversation.

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Created to Secure Your Online Experience

Sevideca stops malicious actors and unwanted guests from listening in on your important conversations. At Sevideca, data privacy, meeting security, and user experience is our top-priority.

Defender protects you when utilizing the following:

Sevideca Defender

Our Patented Endpoint Protection Solution

Endpoint protection refers to safeguarding endpoints, such as laptops or personal computers, from unauthorized access attempts and malicious actors. Defender is our endpoint protection solution custom-built with video conferencing in mind.

Sevideca Meet

Our HIPAA-Compliant Video Conferencing Software

Keep your private conversations private. Built on zero-trust architecture, Sevideca Meet secures your meetings from unwanted guests.

enhanceD protection

Secure by Design

Our proprietary technologies work together in unison. You deserve nothing but the best and at Sevideca we provide that for you.

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Sevideca ensures my meetings are private and secure, offering peace of mind in every video call.

Lucas P.

I appreciate how Sevideca integrates seamlessly with our workflow while keeping our discussions safe from cyber threats.

Mark J.

Using Sevideca Meet and Defender gives me confidence that my data is protected at every endpoint, no matter where I connect from.

Sarah L.

Sevideca Defender endpoint protection ensures my digital safety with its comprehensive security features.

David B.

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