Introducing Sevideca: Revolutionizing Affiliate and Network Marketing


At Sevideca, our mission is clear: to revolutionize affiliate and network marketing for the better. We’re achieving this through three key strategies.

1.) Free Membership*

Joining Sevideca is completely free. No upfront costs, no sign-up fees, and no monthly website hosting charges. We’ve noticed a troubling trend in the industry of companies imposing high signup fees, often leaving their members struggling to recover their initial investment. We disagree with this approach. You are not our product; our software licenses are. You make money from selling software, and we make money from selling our software. It’s that simple.

2.) No Charges Until You Succeed

Unlike other affiliate programs, we don’t charge you anything until you start making money. Our revenue comes solely from the sales of our cybersecurity solutions in the form of licenses. This allows us to provide monthly residual income to our sales channels. We invest significantly in our sales channel, offering free replicated sites, back offices, and covering monthly website hosting fees. To recoup these costs, we apply a small transaction fee only when members of our sales channels receive payment. For checks over $100, the fee is $4.95, and for checks over $1,000, it’s $9.95. This fee covers transaction costs and the services we provide. You don’t bear the risk – we do.

3.) Simplified Compensation Plan

Understanding how you get paid shouldn’t require a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics. Our compensation plan is straightforward and transparent. We believe that simplifying the process benefits both our sales channel and us in the long run. 

Join us at Sevideca and experience a new approach to affiliate and network marketing that puts your success first!

*Subscription required.